What’s the Deal?


October 2018


TO:  Hotel Human Resources Association of Chicago


FR:  Teri Archam, Board Member




Thank you for a wonderful and successful 2018. We are preparing our HHRA programs for 2018 including legal seminars, the wage survey, the summer event/boat outing and other topics/events that will address key issues/training opportunities. We are also planning on including a community service based event! Be sure to reach out to a board member with any topics that you would like to see included for 2019.


Per the direction of the parent Association, the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association, the dues commencing January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019 shall be $450 (four hundred fifty dollars) for a full membership.  Additionally, the Association reserves the right to charge a fee for guest attendees and/or no shows if necessary.  The dues include the 2019 Wage Survey provided you supply your wage information.


Our Association Tax ID number is 36-3507409 should you need this for Finance purposes.  If your location, prefers to do a direct debit vs. a check, please email the form to me for completion.

So that we can prepare for 2019, please submit your dues by January 31, 2019.

                                          Before January 31st, the dues are $450

                                         After January 31st, the dues will be $475

                                            After February 28th, the dues will be $500

                                            After March 31st, the dues will be $525


To join for 2019, please complete the section below and email it to Teri Archam, Treasurer, at [email protected].  Make the check payable with a copy of this invoice to:

Hotel Human Resources Association of Chicago

c/o Teri Archam

2818 S. Briarwood Drive East

Arlington Heights, IL  60005


Hotel Name:  ___________________________________________________________

Address:       ___________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  _________________________________________________________

Telephone Number:  _____________________________________________________


Name of Hotel Representative to hold the Full Membership:  ______________________

Email Address:  ____________________________________________________________

Birthdate (you do not need to include the year):  ________________________________________